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VW Creates a Rabbit Widget

VW has created a well designed Widget as part of its campaign for the new Rabbit hatchback. The widget displays free events in your city -- such as gallery exhibits, concerts, readings and other events.

The idea is that the Rabbit Widget, like the Rabbit Car, will stretch your budget and save you money.

Its also another example of a "Brand Utility" -- brands providing a useful service to consumers, translating an intangible proposition into something real with relevant meaning and usefulness.

The simple widget can be added to Apple's Dashboard or various Personalized Homepages. You can download the widget here.

“VW Creates a Rabbit Widget”

  1. Blogger simon.law Says:

    Hashem is a genius. But then, if you're here, you know that anyway!

    Meanwhile, "Brand Utilities" - love it. Smartest thing I've heard in a while - dunno if you picked that up or coined it yourself, but it's great thinking - we should be doing more to find things like that.

    Ways for a brand to actually earn some trust and recognition - not through amusement factor, but through real worth... value!

    Tip top mate!